What is Forex ?

Estimated time : 0:48

Learn the basics of currency trading in this introduction to the most traded market in the world. Find out how Forex trading works and who the major players are.

Which Currencies to Trade ?

Estimated time : 01:45


What is a currency pair? Which pairs are most frequently traded? Discover these answers and explore the differences between the major and the cross currency pairs.

Understanding Forex Quotes

Estimated time : 01:19

Find out how to read and interpret a Forex quote, the difference between base currencies and counter currencies and bid and ask prices.

What is a Pip ?

Estimated time : 01:59

Discover what a pip is, what its value is, and how it is used to calculate profit and loss, plus review examples of currency price movements to put it all in context.

What is a Spread and Pip ?

Estimated time : 00:38
Discover what a spread is, and how the pip involves in spread.

Risk Management

Estimated time : 02:18


Learn how to lock in profits and limit losses using stop loss orders, and cover the basic rules of risk management.

Japanesse Candle Stick Formations

Estimated time : 02:16

Discover the ins and outs of Japanese candlestick formations and learn how to use them to track emerging trends in the Forex market.

Support and Resistance

Estimated time : 02:22

Take a look at how this basic use of technical analysis can help you identify new trading ideas and strategies.

Fibonacci Retracement

Estimated time : 02:24


Get an overview of Fibonacci Retracement, a very popular form of technical analysis applied by Forex traders who use our advanced charting package.

Triangle Chart Patterns

Estimated time: 02:01


Discover the fundamental concepts of triangle chart patterns and how they can be used to help identify potential trading opportunities.